Everything to create that sultry bedroom for those romantic nights with your loved one.

Pashimas Coming Soon

Price: 1.00 CAD
Use any of our Pashimas and Shawls to create drama in the bedroom.

Bedding - Coming Soon

Price: 1.00 CAD
We will be providing the most beautiful pillow cases and wall hangings for your exotic bedroom.

Prayer Rugs - Coming soon

Price: 1.00 CAD
We will also be bringing you the finest in warm throw carpets to drape over and on your bed.

Pillow Cases Coming Soon

Price: 1.00 CAD
Colorful and embellished to compliment your Moroccan and Bollywood Dreams.

Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp

Price: 38.00 CAD
Benefits of Salt Rock Lamps: It is claimed that negative salt ions released by heating can boost blood flow, improve sleep, increase levels of serotonin in the brain, and calm allergy or asthma symptoms