Travels through Morocco and Spain.  Come along and experience the markets and the amazing views the Mediterranean has to offer.  Be my Guest.

Take a walk through the market in the Medina in Tangier. Colorful and bustling.

The weavers work at making the most beautiful blankets and clothing items here.

Looking out over the buildings in the Medina to the city of Tangier beyond.

Tangier at night looking out on Mohammed VI Avenue from the Rif Hotel.

The food in Morocco is beyond compare. It is so delicious and each experience is unique.

The Bil Bil Castillo located in Benalmadena. It is a lovely little castle built by an adoring husband for his Moroccan loved one .

Bil-Bil castle is really a gem in Benalmadena, beautiful Arabic details in arhitecture.

El Pimpi "A famous tapa bar on the Costa del Sol and one of Malaga's most iconic landmarks.

The Alhambra in Granada, Spain

Looking out one of the windows of the Alhambra in Granada.

Browsing the Moroccan market in Marakesh.

A typical restaurant in Tangier.

Traditional Moroccan tajine of chicken with salted lemons and olives. It is all about the food !!

Woven items in the Medina in Tangier

Woven items in the Medina in Tangier

This is a part of the Medina in Tangier where mostly local Moroccans shop and relax. Life is so much slower here.

In Tangier, the café is the prime meeting point for men to solialize, discuss business and politics. It is an important part of each day.

Another photo of the Mediterranean from the Hafa Restaurant.

Mint tea at the gorgeous Hafa Restaurant in Tangier.